We provide a comprehensive Automotive Production Development Program (APDP) service offering, which includes the following:

  • C1 declarations
  • EPC Applications
  • SMD declarations
  • PRCC applications
  • Duty refund applications
  • European Union rules of Origin declarations
  • AIS applications and claims
  • APDP guideline interpretations

SARS queries and penalty mitigation: Our expert team of tax specialists can assist your company and/or legal team with advise for the preparation of objections and appeals against SARS customs assessments.

Tariff classifications and valuation assistance: A review of the tariff classifications used in your business can add value to your customs processes. It can further ensure that all imports are classified correctly, with the minimum duty legally required paid. We can assist you with tariff reviews and applications at ITAC.

PRCC Trading: We have an extensive list of buyers and sellers of Production Rebate Credit Certificates (PRCC). We can facilitate in the buying or selling of your rebates at the best available rates.


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.