BCE was founded in 2006 providing APDP, customs, and incentive services to all stakeholders in the automotive industry. We have accumulated a solid client base through targeted marketing, and have a proven track record.

Our services as specialist automotive consultants are sought after in a market that has 7 vehicle manufacturers, and approximately 500 component manufacturers, most registered with NAACAM, supporting the vehicle assemblers.

The unique business model designed by BCE has positioned us at the very top of the market.

In this vibrant and growing industry, only BCE has the strategy and track record to maximise the opportunities for investors and shareholders. Our vast experience guarantees expert advise, with customers able to engage with highly skilled professionals, all fully proficient within the fields of tax and incentives.

BCE Consulting (Pty) Ltd became 100% subsidiary of DG Capital in 2018. The focus of our operations has always been automotive industry orientated, and we started out in 2006 as the preferred customs and incentive service provider for one of the 7 OEM’s in South Africa.

Currently, we provide value adding services to all vehicle manufacturers, several importers of vehicles, and component manufacturers all across South Africa.